Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know

Computer Tips & Tricks Everyone Should Know

There are many computer users who might not be aware of the tricks and the tips that can help them in sharpening their skills on the computer. The effective use of beneficial computer tricks and tips can help you in being more productive by saving valuable time off your flow of work. With the knowledge of computer tricks and tips you will become a better computer user as well.

Screenshot Only the Part of the Computer Screen that You Actually Require

If you simply need the screenshot of a specific part of the computer screen, there is a simple method of doing this both for Macs and Windows. For Windows, you simply need to click on Start and go to Snipping Tool. For Mac, you need to use Command plus Shift plus 4 to get the tool. Once the tool is available, you simply need to drag that part of the screen that you want a screenshot of.

One Click Link Opening in New Browser

Clicking the middle button on the mouse will help you in opening a link in a new browser tab. If you middle-click an open browser tab it will close.

Computer Tips & Tricks

Making a File Copy by Dragging It

For making a file copy on Mac, the only thing that you need to do is holding the Alt key or the Control key if you are using a computer and then clicking and dragging the file. Following this step will help you in making a file copy that you can easily drop anywhere by simply unclicking.

Pasting the Plain Version of Copied Text

When you are copying text from a certain source, there are programs that will include formatting that comes along with the copied text. For pasting the plain version of the copied text, you need to press Control plus Shift plus V rather than going for the common step of using Control V. following this step will have your system pasting the unformatted text. For Mac, the step would be Command plus Shift plus V.

Deleting an Entire Word

Pressing Control plus Backspace will help you in deleting an entire word behind the cursor instead of detecting a single letter. This is one computer trick that makes it quicker to delete text if you end up screwing an entire word.

Computer Tip

Running Everything on Schedule

System maintenance is something that you must not do on your own. Instead, you must set the system maintenance task to run on a schedule. Task Scheduler tool in Windows help you in running almost any kind of task on schedule. By using this tool you can run tasks like system maintenance, alarms and picture uploads on schedule. for more information visit

Protect Yourself by Learning the Trick to Crack Passwords

There are tricks and tips that can help you in cracking passwords. This will help you in remaining safe and secure. Learning the right procedure of creating a safe and secure password can really help you in understanding how the computer hackers and thieves get your data.


Using the above-mentioned computer tricks and tips on a regular basis will make your time on the computer more practical and enjoyable.